Administrative Assistants

Our dedicated team of remote administrative assistants streamline operations by effectively managing medical records, overseeing billing, verifying insurance, and ordering supplies. By taking care of these tasks, remote administrative assistants can assist your pain management practice in operating more smoothly, allowing healthcare providers to concentrate on delivering high-quality patient care.

Simplify your responsibilities by delegating tasks to your remote administrative assistant, including completing charts, ensuring precise data entry in EMR systems, and conducting patient interviews for case histories prior to appointments. Additionally, your remote administrative assistant will manage the updating and maintenance of patients’ health records, as well as handle scheduling and coordinating appointments.

Every RMS administrative assistant is proficient in ICD-10 and CPT coding, medical terminology, and all aspects of patient demographics. They can fulfill orders and medications, create orders, coordinate with other facilities, and send prescriptions and refill medications to the preferred pharmacy.

Enhance your productivity by employing a remote administrative assistant who handles order preparation and submission to the laboratory or imaging, manages prior authorizations, and coordinates all necessary patient medical and demographic details for seamless referral processing.

Trained To Meet Your Policies and Procedures

Each of our remote administrative assistant have relevant experience in the healthcare industry, and has been trained to YOUR polices and procedures.

Industry Leading Medical Talent

Only a select few applicants successfully meet the criteria to become an RMS remote administrative assistant, having passed our rigorous testing and vetting process.

Customize Admin Role

Our placements team partners with you to strategically source the ideal candidate, identifying the specific skill set needed for your administrative assistant.

HIPAA - Compliance

To protect patient security and privacy, every RMS Remote Specialist is required HIPAA Compliance Training. 

100% Dedicated Remote Administrative Assistant

Collaborate daily with the same remote administrative assistant to maintain an efficient and reliable working relationship.

How to Hire a Remote Administrative Assistant

Hiring a Remote Administrative Assistant

Running a medical office is undeniably challenging, demanding constant adaptability to meet patient needs. The operational workload involved in managing a practice can be overwhelming, making it essential to explore efficient solutions. Enter the concept of hiring remote administrative assistants, a game-changing solution that not only saves time and money but also streamlines your practice.

At Remote Medical Specialists, we understand the complexities of medical office management. That’s why we provide a dedicated support team for clients who choose to hire remote administrative assistant. Our goal is to ensure that your new specialists seamlessly integrates into your practice, enhancing operational efficiency and allowing you to prioritize the core of your profession – providing excellent patient care.

Benefits of Hiring a Administrative Assistant

Hand Off Routine Tasks

A remote administrative assistant proves to be a cost-effective strategy to alleviate the burden on your staff while maintaining exceptional customer service for your patients. These administrative assistants excel in providing quality care while efficiently managing routine operational tasks, including managing medical records, verifying insurance, billing authorization, patient referrals, and more. By incorporating a remote administrative assistant into your team, you can enjoy significant advantages, such as reduced employee turnover and improved patient satisfaction scores.

Lower Employment Costs

In-house hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process involving the challenges of finding and training exceptional medical staff. On the contrary, remote administrative assistants come pre-trained with specialized medical knowledge, offering not only immediate productivity but also reducing payroll costs. Over time, this approach proves to be economically savvy, saving on equipment and office space expenses that would otherwise be necessary for an in-house employee.

Better Patient Care

Daily administrative responsibilities in a medical office can feel like a burden, diverting a trained physician’s time and attention from more critical matters. By bringing in a remote administrative assistant to manage these tasks, you can refocus on what matters most – providing top-notch care to your patients.

In conclusion, the decision to hire a remote administrative assistant can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your medical practice. Remote Medical Specialist is committed to providing tailored support, enabling you to navigate the challenges of running a medical office with ease while maintaining a focus on exceptional patient care.